Our CSA Program

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Become Part of Something Great!

Community Supported Agriculture is a means to connect the surrounding communities with our freshly grown local produce.  Farm shares offer stability to farmers while also providing the following benefits to its members:  

  1. Fresh, Locally Grown Produce: You'll enjoy produce that is often less than 24 hours old and right from our farm in Zeeland.  

  2. Learn About New Fruits and Vegetables: Try something new!  Learn about how it's grown, how to prepare it, and enjoy diversity in your diet!

  3. Gain a Greater Understanding About West Michigan Farming: Eat with MI seasons and learn about how our weather impacts what we grow.  Ask about what challenges and victories we encountered with each item.

  4. Special Coupons & Discounts: Only offered to CSA members!   

  5. Save Time: No fumbling with cash or credit card.  Just sign your name!  It's so simple!

  6. Join Us For Special Events!

  7. Help Sustain a Healthy Michigan Economy

  8. Eat Healthy!

The risk you'll take with farm sharing is that you never know just what you're going to get.  Michigan weather, pests, disease, etc. are never the same from one year to the next.  This means the harvest yield is always different.  But that's all part of the fun!


Our CSA “Flex” System:

When participating in our CSA program, members choose from an assortment of produce from our market stand.  Our 2015 program offers a 27 week CSA season from May 1 - November 7.  Our flexible system makes CSA easier than ever!  Members get to select the produce they wish to receive by spending points. Once the produce is chosen, the points are tallied and you will “check-out”. The value of your item’s points correlate with the price of your share.  Points may be spent at ANY of the farmers markets we sell at, on ANY day, and at ANY time.  Just come whenever it’s most convenient to you - as often or as little as you wish!


2015 CSA Member Perks:

1. Coupons:

          - Buy One Get One 1/2 Off Your Choice of Hanging Basket or Patio Tomatoes

          - 10% Off U-Pick Strawberries

          - Buy Two 1/2 Bushel Baskets of Tomatoes & Get One Free

2. Redeem Your "Strawberry Extravaganza" Postcard Invite for a Free Totebag and $10 Worth of Produce

3. CSA Member of the Week: Each Monday, a member's name is drawn and announced on our Facebook page.  The member will receive $10/40 points worth of produce free when they pick up their farm share that week.

4. Early Bird Special: Purchase your share by March 31, 2015 and receive 10% off your share.  (Promo Code Applies)


Choice of:


$100 min purchase | $100 Increments

$100 = 400 points


Early Bird Special:

Buy today -  Mar 31 and SAVE 10%   promo code: EBS1510

Buy Apr 1 - May 30 and SAVE 5%     promo code: 1505EBS


Enrollment is OPEN NOW!


Purchase a CSA share at our online farm stand or download our enrollment form and submit by mail.


To inquire further about CSA, please email megan@visserfamilyfarms.com.